Reign Of The Dragon KingEdit

Considered by some to be a time of heroic idealism and others a time of tyrannical rule, the Dragon King is an Arthurian legend with it's historical basis around a court almost a thousand years old. The stories detailing his rule and why it ended are varied and incomplete, but the chaos that began when his rule ended is generally credited with the division of the regional empires as well as the racial wars that would follow. There is a prophecy that states that there will come a time when those born with "the mark of the Dragon King" will bring about his return to the throne.

Rise Of The One GodEdit

One of the few details that is widly agreed on is that in humanity's darkest hour when they were nearly pushed to the brink of destruction by the demihumans, a miraculous breakthrough occured- magic and the divine protection began to fail, and several humans stepped forward as prophets of a new deity that they referred to only as the "One True God". With this new advantage, humanity turned the tides of war and began the press toward supremacy that they continue to hold with the help of the newly formed ChurchOfTheOneGod. As a result of their loss in the war, many monstrous humanoids and demihumans fled to unknown wilds. Those demihumans who remained are treated as second class by humanity. While there are occasionally whispers of the old gods once again conferring their power upon champions, open worship is punished as heresy and after hundreds of years with no sign even their names have been forgotten.

The Mark Of The Dragon KingEdit

Several generations ago infants started to be born with birthmarks in the shape of the Dragon King's sigil, and it seemed that the time of prophecy had come. The births were rare but could happen to any humanoid species, but as soon as it began it seemed to end. Those who would become the SeekersOfTheDragonKing, however, knew the darker truth- the births had not ended, but in fact those born with the prophecied mark were being found and killed off within the first few months of life. To prevent this, the Seekers were formed: a shadowy organization that would find these children first and spirit them away to a remote island where they could be raised as the heroes they were destined to be. Though fully grown now these heroes must still hide their birthmark as they return to the world they left behind, for even as heroes those like them are still marked for death.

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