Seekers Of The Dragon KingEdit

A hidden group that protects and trains those born with the mark of the Dragon King. Stolen away shortly after their birth, all of those marked as Seekers are brought to the mysterious Seeker Island to be raised. Thanks to powerful magic the island is nearly impossible to find, and the young Seekers can be taught the histories and myths in solitude as well as gain a rudimentary training in the class they choose.

Church Of The One GodEdit

A religion that rose up during the Demihuman War to become the "one true religion". They are not directly in control of government except in a few cases, but they have enough power to outlaw magic as dangerous and heretical and, rumor has it, rituals to back it up should any magic gain their attention. Most towns have at least a small church, and each region has one major temple where the regions spiritual leader, referred to as the "Beacon Of Light", resides. These major temples are usually in the capital city of the region as it attracts many pilgrims during the year.

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